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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Andrew D. Basiago and Truth Event

We were incredibly lucky to have Andrew D. Basiago visit Port Townsend and share his truth with us.
Here is what Mr. Basiago says about TruthEvent:

"I highly recommend Truth Event as a forum for today's public speakers, especially those allied with the Truth Movement.  The natural and historical beauty of Port Townsend, Washington, the immaculate wooden resonance of the Marine Science Center, the sincere interest and participation of the attendees, and Charlie's talented, hands-on management of every stage of the event make Truth Event an ideal setting to share emergent truths with an informed citizenry."
-- Andrew D. Basiago, Project Pegasus, http://www.projectpegasus.net/

We are looking for more top rates speakers such as Mr. Basiago. If you know of anyone interested please have them email us at truthevent@gmail.com

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